• Are you using spreadsheets to do your payroll?
  • Are you doing your your payroll by hand?
  • Do you own a small or medium size business with less than 50 employees?

 If your answer is yes to any of the above, then Nano Pay Express is the alternative for you.

Nano Pay Express  is a basic payroll software program that is easy to use and above all, it is affordable. It is compliant with the requirements of the Department of Labour.

Get  Nano Pay Express 6 Trial version. It is free with no time limit allowing  you enough time to get familiar with the software.

Main Features:

  • Create multiple departments
  • Add up to 50 employees
  • Store employee information
  • Calculate and print pay slips
  • Print year end reports
  • Weekly wages & monthly salaries
  • Calculate loans made by employees
  • Savings facility for employees
  • Save data to history so that you have records of all your processed payroll.
  • Input field for Tax purposes

Please note that Nano Pay Express does not have the facility to do tax submissions. You can however, add tax deductions to the employee’s payslip.

ONLY  R495.00 for 25 employees!
Get Nano Pay Express 6 Trial Free!